Lawyers wages, Items to consider

Like many simple questions, I do not think it is easy to give a clear answer. Especially because there is no "type" of lawyers and only because the amount of earnings varies greatly with the area, the type of activity, age and - last but not least - the personal qualities of the professional.
The information that I found refer to situations in a certain way "extreme" and show a range very, very large, confirming that the "class" is not unitary, indeed ........

Statistics do not exist and it is obviously an issue on which participants have a tendency to give evasive answers, but some indication of the network can be found.
The first source of information is the "listing" of the site www.penale.it, where we can find a set of questions and offers of professional collaboration. It 'a free and interesting that, for the moment, has not been as successful as I expected.

Never mind the practice of not paying the practitioners and Get down a veil: you can not do on the one hand a campaign on "minimum requirements" are saying that a guarantee of quality of service and on the other side "outsource" jobs to underpaid practitioners or not paid at all ........ Among other things, the actual length of the period of practice (several years, given the time frame of the examination) makes it unsustainable for those who still have their own means.
In any case, running the ads I see that there are few "offers of partnership" (understood as a willingness to cooperate), even from lawyers with a good degree grade and / or years of experience, which pays a "minimum" around the thousand euro (gross, I'd say).
At the other extreme there are data (always anonymous), referring to famous lawyers, businessman, or at least their younger colleagues.
Some examples: a "trainee" with one year of experience: 22,000 € per year, a practitioner with two years of experience (another study) € 35,000, a lawyer, after 4 years after ' Enabling € 85,000 a year ......

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