Some average earnings of lawyers

The truth is that there are many lawyers. The difficult thing is to enter a good place, where they pay to you well, you learn and do not exploit you. If you enter a lawyers' good study, as pleaded novice monk they will pay more or less 1000 dollars to you. Hence in more you can be climbing with the time and performance. There are some studies, few ones who pay more to the novice monk. Now, you already have clients and reputation you can gain a lot of money being a lawyer, I speak of making between 5000 to 30,000 dollars a month, apart from your utilities.

The judges do not gain 4000, but much any more, I believe that they are for 8000 or 9000, including operative expenses, which no judge uses for what it should, or, it happens to be his salary. A member wins between 14000 to 17000 dollars, if it is top, depending if it is vocal or a room president, if desire is of anticorruption almost 4000 more. A supreme member wins more, I have understood.

The notaries also gain a lot of money, probably more than most of lawyers, but they do not learn nothing at all. It is a work that needs very little intellectual capacity, except occasionally.

Many lawyers want to be employed at companies, since they usually win a little more (especially in big or transnational companies), they usually have more labor stability, and work less time. But you learn little, classify yourself and if you are wrong nobody corrects you because it is supposed that you are the internal lawyer.

I have always said that where more it is learned as a rule, it is in a lawyers' good study, although the career in the same one is difficult, since not always they are guided by the meritocracy, if not sometimes for the one who goes more clients, or for the one who is a fulanito son of such, that you can put like importance client to a study. In my case, which adored to dispute, my option there will always be the lawyers' studies, although the development proliferates. Mine the stress is and to compete with other lawyers, to use your ingenuity to the maximum. If you are good in what you do and you like, sooner or later you will win well, very well or scandalously well. But definitely the right is not an easy career; you are not going to go out to the labor market to gain 2000 or 3000 dollars, unless you are dionisio's son rosemary, or of the Manager of Backus, or something like that.

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